Driving Health Change, Fostering Leadership


Dr. Prosper Ahimbisibwe is a medical doctor by profession and a healthcare entrepreneur by passion. He holds a Bachelor’s degree of Medicine and Surgery from Makerere University. 

He’s an Acumen fellow, a Global Shaper with the Kampala Hub under the World Economic Forum  and a Young Emerging Leaders Project fellow with the Leo Africa Institute. He is a co-founder & Director at MSCAN Uganda, a company that develops and deploys portable ultrasound devices to detect risk factors of maternal mortality among pregnant women in resource limited settings. 

Health Entrepreneur

As the a cofounder and director at m-SCAN Uganda, he has pioneered the integration of ultrasound technology with mobile devices, making pregnancy scans accessible to mothers in rural areas.

Global Leader

His commitment extends beyond borders. He’s a Global Shaper with the World Economic Forum and a Fellow at the Leo Africa Institute, dedicated to empowering communities and driving positive change.

Healthcare Advocate

From co-founding projects like MSCAN and Kangaroo Plus and to pushing  for healthcare policy changes, he believes in a world where healthcare innovation knows no bounds.

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