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A group of University students from Kigezi Sub region proposed the formation of an association for University & College School students worldwide whose roots trace back to this region. The fact that this sub region has produced some of the best students in the country who have undertaken many programs ranging from Human Medicine to Law has provided created a need for a platform to synchronize the potential from these students promote the success of the region. The core values that we hold close to heart include; networking, education and culture. As the adage goes, Your network is your net worth networking important in order to foster social support and mutual helping; education to share ideas from the various fields of study by the students; and culture to stimulate self-expression, happiness and health. From the last core value, we need to identify us selves more as Africans to derive our inspiration from our rich heritage. The main scope of activities has been ; Inspirational talks, Carrier Guidance ,Community Service; and Mentor-ship Programs.

In the same angle, Uganda to date has a large population of Youth who need to be nurtured to fill the gap effectively in the next generation of Ugandans. While many are fighting to grasp on power, the real plight and future of current Ugandans has actually been left to us the ‘young’ Ugandans to take on head-on.

Right at the heart of our working is design thinking, a formal method for practical, creative resolution of issues with intent of an improved future result. In the new century, we are faced with a new wave of challenges most that stem from our own existence. It would be befitting only to get back to the drawing board and rethink our strategy. Our approach to things may be decried by many as crazy at times, but we can help it being in this era, at the forefront of our own generation, and that of our grand kids to come. “If you do what you’ve long done, you will get what you have always gotten.” Tony Robbins. This couldn’t have been highlighted more than at our launch “Connecting minds, building the future” of Banyakigezi University Students Community at Makerere University. We had a live brainstorming session where our members in the Diaspora tuned in the conversion via videoconferencing. We launched a girl child education program alongside a series of inspirational and medical camps which we recently put to action. This clearly demonstrated our zeal for a common cause yet we were separated by oceans further highlighting the point of harnessing today’s technology to accelerate projects. Even as students, we can be game changers of today, if we dare dream and work with a passion for the future we desire.

Prior to our launch, we participated in the Walk for Mother Initiative, which was meant to raise funds for maternal health in Kigezi Sub region. We marched through streets of Kampala City with banners and placards with Maternal Health awareness messages. The funds generated were utilized in buying a generator to support child deliveries at local health center Rugeyo HCIII in Kanungu District. We hope to inspire more students to be proactive in the change they desire. The more got more involved in community as early as student level, the bigger an elite population we will have that’s more attached /connected with development of their respective communities. Only if the so called ‘elite’ population-studied and rich are involved in grass root development can we have transformational change.

We build the future. For God and My country

Prosper Ahimbisibwe

GRC School of Medicine Makerere University

Banyakigezi University Students Community.

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