Detoxing After the Long Weekend

The end of Ramhdan, a period of fasting is marked by Eid which is a day of prayer with massive feasting among the Global Muslim community. However, there is more feasting and jubilation among the non-Muslim community who take the day of holiday off feasting and indulging.

There is a lot of calorie and fat intake from fried foods, the meats, wines and alcohol. It is worthy to note that the happiness and family bonding keep us healthy during that time. However this surge of joy and feasting can create an extra calorie toll on the body and we need to detox after all the eating and drinking.

Detoxification is the process of getting rid of the built up toxins, improving our well being and for some shaking off that extra weight gained.
For starters, the first step is taking a glass of warm water. 60% of our body weight is water hence the saying water is life. Our bodies are usually dehydrated after spells of merry making and indulging. Water after a night sleep activates our internal organs and kick starts the cleansing body processes. The breakdown of alcohol and proteins puts weight on our detoxification system which is primarily the liver.

There is an increased use and need of micronutrients like vitamins and minerals in the detoxification process by our bodies. A fruit serving of fresh vegetables and salad with for example tomatoes, bananas, carrots, onions , water melons goes a long way in replenishing the body with these vital minerals like vitamin C, glutatathione, lycophenes which a great antioxidants.

Antioxidants are molecules on the body which are key in fighting and scavenging for cancer-causing elements.
Another good source of anti-oxidants are beverages like green tea and coffee.

A warm steamy cup of green tea with probably lemon will not only be a good remedy for a long night out but provide your body with vital elements like xathines. Green tea is rich in theophylline and theobromine, antioxidants with a calming and relaxing effect on airway and heart muscles.

Last but not least it is good to take care of our gut. Gut health is key especially with the binge eating associated with the festivities. It is important to take in prebiotics, which are fiber rich foods that feed the good bacteria in our guts called probiotics. Such foods include leafy vegetables like asparagus, oats, garlic and some animal sources like yoghurt. Good gut health is key for our general wellbeing and detoxification system.

*Dr. Prosper Ahimbisibwe is a medical doctor on a mission to shape a healthier and happy world through innovation, research, entrepreneurship and advocating for universal health coverage.

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